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Concept development for Joyspun, Walmart’s in-house intimates, sleepwear and shapewear brand. The seasonal concept was ‘Daily Doses of Joy,’ how Joyspun offers a feeling of comfort & confidence that uplifts everyday. Joyspun shoots on its own brand-colored backdrops in rich, warm tones that give dimension to the imagery. For the first time, the brand did video as part of the shoot for the @walmartfashion Instagram. Reels can be seen here and here.
photography: Coliena Rentmeester 
video: Michael Casker
styling: Dara Allen

art direction: Ami Jenner

role: creative direction (with Jillian Haney and Sam Chang), casting, video storyboarding

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“design can be art. design can be aesthetics. design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.” — paul rand