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Campaign to promote  “The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art and Fashion” exhibit at the Museum of African Diaspora (MoAD), part of the Smithsonian Institution.  The show presented fifteen artists, whose vibrant portraits and conceptual images blend art and fashion photography in ways that break down long-established boundaries. I was asked to concept and execute a photoshoot that was inspired by the exhibit with myself as the subject. The moodboard, shown below, speaks to my relationship to where I’m from (the east coast where i lived and went to school in a large city), where I currently live, fashion, and my background as a Black woman struggling to be seen. 

photography: kayla de guzman
gown rental: claire de lune

role: concept, photo art direction

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“design can be art. design can be aesthetics. design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.” — paul rand