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Concept development and execution for Quay x Paris collaboration. Paris has been wearing Quays (specifically the white Call The Shots style) for years, so working with her on a full collection that was Y2K inspired was a natural fit. Paris loves all things vintage, so the shoot was inspired by vintage etiquette books that taught young women how to behave properly in high society. Paris’ version, The Quays to Sliving, put a fun and very her twist on this idea.

photography: Charlotte Rutherford
videographer: Kevin Ostaj
styling: Marta Del Rio
makeup: Steven Tabimba
hair: Eduardo Ponce
location: Frank Sinatra House, Chatsworth
production: Giselle Morgenstern (in-house), Photobomb Productions
art direction: Kimara Mitchell
event production: Wife of the Party
design: Brittany Suzuki

role: creative direction (with Elana Kluner), design direction

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“design can be art. design can be aesthetics. design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.” — paul rand